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What Experience Do I Need to Attend OTT Classes?

No prior experience is needed and many of our members have not practised martial arts in the past. Self-defence is for everyone as we all need to know how to defend ourselves if the worst happens. As a beginner, you will be taught the basics and will very quickly move onto more advanced and challenging techniques. If you have prior experience, we will teach you more challenging techniques that will test you and help improve your abilities. Classes are there for beginners through to budding Bruce Lee’s.

Do I Need to Be Physically Fit to Attend?

No. Our classes, while physical, are designed for all levels of fitness, and one thing we promise is that you will feel the fitness benefits if you regularly attend.

Do I Need Any Specialist Equipment?

At first, all you need is comfortable clothing, suitable footwear, and a willingness to learn. OTT's training will help develop and grow your self-confidence. As you progress, you may wish to acquire a groin guard and a gum shield, but you are able to source this yourself or through our team.

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Will I Get Hurt?

OTT's Head Instructor will ensure that all training is carried out in a safe environment. Due to the physical nature of our classes, accidents do happen but we will do everything we can to minimise injury to all our members. The safety of our members is our number one priority at all times.

Is This a Martial Art?

No. OTT draws on the frontline military and police background of its Head Instructor, and it does not focus on one particular style. We use techniques that are based on the body's natural reactions and we provide simple but effective self-defence techniques. Unlike martial arts clubs, we don't award belts and we don't require students to pay to grade. Our training is tailored to different levels of ability and OTT will assess what the right techniques are for you to learn based on your level.

I Don’t Like Group Lessons, Can I Have Private Sessions?

While we encourage all our members to attend our regular group lessons, OTT is willing to consider providing one-on-one private sessions if needed. This is something that can be discussed with us.

Is There an Age Limit?

Our adult classes are for those 13 years and above, although if your child has prior martial arts experience, we will consider younger members. OTT have launched junior honey badger classes.  OTT's Head Instructor has an enhanced DBS certificate and as a former police officer, Grant recognises the importance of all instructors having the appropriate DBS checks.

Do I Have to Come Every Week?

No. We understand that in today's busy world it may not be possible to come every week. While our membership plan provides the best value if you pay for a monthly membership, we are willing to accept pay as you go members.

Is It Fun?

While we are teaching you important skills to hopefully defend yourself in the worst of circumstances, OTT's classes are designed to be fun and inclusive. We pride ourselves on having a diverse membership base with friendly and welcoming members. We will hold regular social events that all members are welcome to come to.

Are There Any Other Benefits of a Membership?

OTT is planning to host a regular series of special workshops in the coming months, covering specialist areas. While these will be open to the public, OTT members will be able to attend the workshops at a discounted rate.

What Qualifications Do OTT’s Instructors Have?

If you read Grant's profile, you will see that OTT's Head Instructor is an incredibly experienced hand-to-hand combat instructor who has proudly served in both the British Army and the police. You will struggle to find another club in the area that has an instructor who has the wealth of experience in this field as Grant, and he has previously carried out workshops for other clubs due to his expertise in this area.