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At Operational Training Techniques (OTT), we offer the chance to learn self-defence with fantastically experienced professionals. Based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, our self-defence classes supply the appropriate techniques to combat every day, real-life scenarios, while learning in a fun, friendly environment. What’s more, not only do you learn long-established proven techniques but you will also increase your confidence and improve your fitness

Kid’s Classes – Why the Honey Badgers?

Honey badgers like honey and look cute. However, they are also in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s most fearless animal. They are intrepid, ferocious, and smart, and these are the qualities that we want to instil in all our junior members. OTT is committed to teaching all our members, but especially our junior members, ways to avoid conflict, and how to defend themselves when they face verbal or physical threats. At OTT, we also understand the importance of ensuring our members appreciate that the skills we teach them are only to be employed if they are at real physical risk, and that the force used needs to be reasonable.

Tackling Bullying Head-on

OTT is committed to stamping out bullying in all its forms, and this is why we are proud to be associated with BulliesOut, a national charity dedicated to tackling bullying.

Our Instructors

Our Head Instructor is a former police officer with an enhanced DBS certification, and for our junior classes, he has the assistance of Maisy and Lily, who have previously assisted as junior instructors at a local Krav Maga club. As well as having been Krav Maga junior instructors, both Maisy and Lily have extensive martial arts experience, and will act as great role models for the Honey Badgers.


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Adult Classes

This is a fast and ever-changing world and at OTT we know that your safety and the safety of your loved ones are paramount to you. Our OTT adult classes teach you the basics right through to the more advanced techniques. Not only will we give you the training to greater increase the safety of yourself and others around you, but we’ll provide you with the understanding and knowledge of the laws surrounding such topics.

Real-Life Situations

Frontline-tested techniques that help you feel confident in dealing with some of the worst situations any of us will face. OTT prides itself on creating a learning experience that is unique, fun, and serious when we need to be. For peace of mind and increased confidence and fitness, why not try our adult classes?


Mondays: Honey badgers kids 6.00pm-7.00pm / Adults 8.00pm-9.30pm @ St Georges School, Harpenden, AL5 4TD

Thursdays: Honey badgers kids 6.00pm-7.00pm / Adults 7.30pm-9pm @ Applecroft School, Welwyn Garden City,
And more coming soon…..