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About Operational Training Techniques

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Here at Operational Training Techniques (OTT), we know the world is a dangerous place. Our aim is to provide street-proven self-defence training in a safe environment that is both fun and has a true community feel. OTT is not a martial arts club, and we do not award belts or require students to pay for grading. OOT has a syllabus that is designed to teach members how to handle realistic scenarios that they may come across on the street, The classes are designed for all abilities and we have members that range from complete beginners through to students with black belts in martial arts.

Experienced Instructors

Our Head Instructor is a former soldier and armed police officer who has provided hand-to-hand combat training to both soldiers and police officers. Therefore, we are very confident that the techniques we teach work in the real world, as opposed to in the environment of a dojo. Due to Grant’s police career, we are also uniquely placed to provide advice on appropriate responses to violent attacks, as we want to ensure our members are safe but also understand the limits of what is reasonable in the eyes of the law. No other self-defence club in the area is able to offer this level of expertise.


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Enjoyable Classes

A typical class will start with stretches and warm-up exercises, to mobilise your muscles during challenging and fun activities. Our Head Instructor will then run through a variety of different attacks you may face and will provide instruction on the range of responses available to you, before practising them. Classes are conducted in a friendly and enjoyable environment, while at the same time recognising that the techniques we teach may one day be used to protect yourself or a loved one.

Increase Your Fitness

Training with OTT will improve your fitness and confidence levels, as well as the opportunity to make new friends. Whether you are a beginner or a black belt ninja, come along and give it a go.